Xterra Worlds Part 2

On the 7th day we left Kauai and headed to Maui. Once there we found the cheapest rental car available which was definitely not from the usual suspects. All the car rental booths wanted 460 bucks for the week, it didn’t matter if is was an economy car or and SUV for a few more bucks. I think the gas company gives the car rental agencies incentives to make the gas guzzling suv’s the same price as the economy cars, what a racket! Anyways, Nicole called around and finally got in touch with Paul from MAUI CRUISERS! The first 10 seconds of the conversation went like this. “hello?…” (paul’s cell phone crackles) “hey do rent cars?” Paul: Super enthusiastic almost in a joyous yell, “FU*K YEAH I DO!” We were sold! This guys was awesome! He wasn’t at work when we called him but said if we could wait for about 15 min he’d pick us up in his tiny red beat up pickup truck and drive us to the rental lot. He also told Nicole during the first 20 seconds “Remind me about the story I have about Pine st.” For the next 2 hrs we listened to the story about Pine st. and a bunch of other stories Paul had for us. Usually this is the type of thing that would really annoy me, especially since I was hungry, but not this time his stories were great and the car only cost 170 bucks for the week. I highly recommend renting from Maui Cruisers. They might not be brand new or luxurious but they’re fuel efficient and will get you where you need to be and back.We hopped in the car and headed to were we’d be staying for the next week. We built up our bikes and got ready for the next day. On wed. we pre rode the bike course which was apparent it was going to be tough right from the start. It was an immediate steep pavement climb over to a dirt climb that led you to some windy climbing which dropped you off where the real climbing started! Plus the sun was climbing and was right over head so it was scorching by the time we were half way done. I estimated my race time would be about 1 1/2 hrs judging by the time it took to pre ride. We rested the for the remainder of the day. The next day we ran the 10k run course and it reminded me very much of the ride course, lots of climbing. The race profile said roughly 4,000ft of ascending on the 18.3 mi. ride course and just under 1,300ft of ascent during the 10k. Nicole was happy to have a chance to check out the run course she’d be racing on in only 2 days as she was competing in the Xterra 10k trail run on sat. Friday was a day of doing pretty much nothing but resting. Sat morning Nicole got up at 6am and got ready to race. After she ate she got in the car and headed to the venue. I followed on my bike 30min later. When I got there she had already warmed up and was doing some final stretches. I wished her good luck and she jumped into the start line that was about 800 strong, more than half of them being 10k racers, the others 5k racers. The gun went off at 9am. I rode around for a bit and then saw here coming in for the finish line. She was running hard across the beach which happened to be one of the only flat sections of the whole course, the soft deep 250meter stretch towards the end of the race leading to the climb to the finish. I was cheering and she was working, the look on her face said she was glad she was almost done! She ended up doing so well. She finished 15th in her age group and 47th out of all the women there! Great Job Nic! After the race she rested for a bit and then we headed back to the room where I got everything together for sunday, race day