Xterra World Championship Part 1

I decided to do the xterra world championship race about 3 months ago. I had competed in a total of 3 triathlons in the last 3 years prior to worlds. I knew it was going to be a big undertaking but I felt I was up to the challenge. I worked with my new coach Devon Vigus from Vigus coaching, on the bike, who set me up with a weekly schedule along with Vince Sherry one of the founders of the Run Smart Project, which is an online run coaching site. I also worked with Lindsey Sharp who went to the olympic trials a few years back for swimming. She gave me a bit of much needed help in the water. I felt pretty prepared and with my training except for the fear of how much time I would likely be trying to make up after the swim. I was hoping that if I could get out of the water, not necessarily super fast but super fresh I’d be in good shape for the rest of the race. That’s not quite how it ended up going though… My girlfriend Nicole and I got out to Hawaii almost 2 weeks before the race to get acclimated to the heat and humidity. We made a pit stop on the island of Kauai to visit with family before heading over to Maui where the race was held. On Kauai we got in a few workouts including a great ride in the jungle with some really cool views but mostly stayed off our feet when possible. We had a chance to do a little snorkeling which is when both Nicole and I had our first octopus hunt. We handled a live octopus with our hands and I got sprayed with ink, we check it out for a bit more before letting it go completely unharmed. It was a really cool experience, they’re pretty cool animals and we didn’t really feel like we could ever eat one after that. One of the guys we went with didn’t feel the same though, he caught one, put it in a bag, took it home and chopped it up! Later on that day Nicole and I went with her mom and a friend to our first luau. We watched and listened to the story of hawaii told through song and dance. There was even some crazy dangerous fire dancing. At the end of the night I was really tired and thought about how nice it would be to sleep in. Nicole and I had been there for about 5 days already and had taken the necessary steps needed to secure a sure “sleep in”. See, on the island of Kauai there are wild roosters everywhere! I didn’t quite understand, I know they are really into cock fighting there. There are many paintings of roosters in restaurants and in buildings so I got the feeling that the Hawaiians are very proud of there cocks, which I believe is important, if your proud be proud and display them! I myself though could not stand hearing them all day. These annoying cocks would start mouthing off at about 3:45am until about 8 am take a break for an hour crow for a most of the day and stop at around 8pm and start all over again. A super loud fan along with a body length pillow rapped around my head and 4 other pillows was what made for a good sleep in.