Wild Times..!

Racing has started in full swing, now we see how well Emma and I can keep our little blog updated. Lets start with the weekend of March 1oth. On Saturday Emma and I headed down to UCSC to get some training in at a collegiate road race and help out the UCB team. We raced at the same time so unfortunately we don’t have any pictures. My race was not much to look at anyway. In the 2nd lap a Claremont rider went down in front of me on a climb causing me to front flip over him. This in turn knocked my rear wheel off. I spent about 30 seconds fixing it, but
(Cool MTB race 2007 Team LCB!.. can’t wait
for the kits)
this was enough time for the whole group to gap me so I spent about 5 laps chasing until I decided to save some of my legs for the Cool MTB race on Sunday. Emma’s race was about as exciting when uber-pro Mel blew apart the race in the first few laps and subsequently blew up and dropped out. Unfortunately most of the Cal team girls weren’t ready for the fierce attack off the line and had to resort to chasing. Emma had put in a hard week of training and finished strong dropping most of her chase mates, however the group that was able to stay on Mel’s wheel for her four laps of fury put Emma in about 18th place. So goes road racing.

Sunday morning Emma, myself, Kentucky Mo, and Doctor Mark all rolled out to Cool at the crack ass of dawn. The start of day light savings time made our 7 am departure really 6 am. The weather, however, was on our side. Clear skies and 65 at the start of the race sure beat the 29 and snowing of last year. When somebody figures out what the heck is up with that please e-mail me. So anyway, all the Pro/Semi-pro/Expert men and women started together in a stacked field that included Aren Timmel, Dave Yakitis, and Jason Moschler, as well as Katerina Nash, and Heather Svahn. The start was brutally fast and left legs torn off and bodies in ditches. My

(Emma and Mo start , note my burning leg
on the left)
legs were torn off (having not started speed work in my training yet) and Emma got knocked into a ditch by some A-hole expert dude. After surviving that I found my endurance and slowly began to pick though the field. Until the last five miles where I was feeling great and sitting about 9th and I double flatted leaving me to walk the rest of the way home. It sucked, but the fitness was there and I was super strong on the flats, which has always been my weakness. Emma was beat from the effort on Sat. but finished a strong 10th in a fast women’s field whose legs were fresh. All in all a great training race for the both of us. On a side note, I did beat Katerina Nash who has been known to rip the legs off of many a good semi-pro man and she did one less lap. Kentucky had an awesome race and placed 6th in the women’s race. Meanwhile Dr. Mark whooped the crap out of all the race support and feeders getting bottles to the three of us, taking pictures, and cheering up a storm!