Weaverville Super-d

The Weaverville super-d is one of the last true mountain bike races. The only difference is instead of getting an ounce of weed for winning, you get a little medal still wrapped in cellophane, and a pat on the back. This year was as no different and as haphazard as old days; there were 5 too many people for the shuttle, the “timing guy” got stuck at the bottom, and the timing computer was run off of a car battery with an inverter duct aped to the top. By the time we 5 got to the top of the race most racers were down, just a hand full left. I got a start one minute behind Chuck Ross (former coach and current carrot). It was great, we started out on a gnarly loose rutted fireroadish downhill that had my bike bouncing all over! There was a sharp left turn at the bottom of the hill, but I was too excited about navigating the ruts on the road that I neglected to turn and went right on by. it wasn’t until i saw the big x in the road that I looked left and saw the trail with some dust in the air from the previous rider. Quickly I dismounted and returned to the correct section of sick single track where I was to spend the next 18 minutes hoping that Chris T wasn’t making up time, and that racers that my competition did not have to pass let everyone by without making them wait too long, all while totally cross eyed anaerobic. Most of these scenario’s happened flawlessly, and others, well, the word cluster comes to mind. When it was all said and done Chuck (Carrot) and I passed 5 riders, and managed to win both of our classes. It was time to go unwrap the cellophane, and open that beer with just a little bit bigger grin than anyone there.