We Are Team Lost Coast Brewery!!!

We have the pleasure to officially announce our title sponsor The Lost Coast Brewery! Many of you I’m sure have heard of Great White Beer as well as Downtown Brown. Well Lost Coast is the amazing brewery that produces such masterpieces. The Brewery restaurant is located in Old town Eureka California right off the 101 at 617 4th st. If you are ever in the area, it is a prime lunch or dinner spot. The cafe itself has a great vibe and an awsome decour you won’t find anywhere else! Not to mention they make some of the best beer I’ve ever had. I’m not kidding, Emma and I went after Lost Coast Brewery for a sponsor because we really love the beer. They didn’t seek us out.

The brewery is owned and managed by Barbra Groom who started the business with another woman back in 1986, when I was only 1 year old! 20 years later Barbra still runs her brewery as one of the only and the MOST successful female brew masters in the nation and possibly the world! Barbra’s brews are distributed in 17 U.S. states and in every county in California. Here in the bay area you can find select brews at Berkeley Bowl, Andronicos, Safeway, as well as many smaller markets.

I will bet you Great White is the best tasting light beer you will ever have. Don’t believe me try it for yourself or visit the Lost Coast Brewery website and look at the list of awards Great White and all of the Lost Coast brews have earned over the years (www.lostcoast.com). Currently my favorite beer of all time is the Winterbraun… mmm I love chocolate brown ale! The best thing about Mountain biking is racing hard and being able earn and enjoy that cool tasty recovery beer afterwards. You’ll be surpized how well your legs recover with a little alcohol in the blood stream. I’m not even kidding- my friends and I swear by it, and most of them are Pro Mtn. racers.
Throughout the season we will try to keep some Lost Coast brews on us so if you are still a skeptic or can’t find Lost Coast in your locale, catch us at Sea Otter or one of the NMBS races and we’ll let you know what its all about… if you’re of legal age of course. Buy Lost Coast brews! And look out for our Alleycat Amber vs. Fat Tire Amber taste test! We will be using a third party unbiased tester who has never even had Alleycat. I’m excited to see what they have to say!