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Today was the first two races of the three race weekend my friend from Olympia put together for my annual visit up north. This weekend consisted of a super-d race Sat morning in Capitol Forest followed by Star Crossed, in the pm. Sunday would be the Rad Racing Grand Prix. I came into the weekend amped for a good time, good food, and good company. Friday we prerode the super-d with some great California like dry conditions, and warm weather. I woke up Sat morning to a surprise, rain… The course changed drastically, the once dry bermed corners turned into something greasier than a 50’s hairstyle! We ditched the riders meeting in favor of getting to the top with time for a warm up. Definitely a good idea, primed and pumped I hit the course 9th down the mtn. The trails were nothing like the day before, and I was lucky to keep it upright! I am not a good mud racer, I blame California, and all of our amazing weather. So cruising in 10 seconds from my buddy Luke, who is a local was enough to put a smile on my face. As soon as we were across the line it was time to pack up and head to Seattle for our next challenge Star Crossed.

Cyclocross is a new thing for me. The first challenge of the night came after registration, where I was handed four numbers, and no zip ties… I felt like a redneck at a 5 star resteraunt asking what are all the forks for? After getting the jersey figured out, came the warmup, which was going great, my legs felt solid, my bike was good, and the rain was falling hard. Perfect for cross. Then it came, the one thing that i was trying to avoid, there is a section of the course that transitions from slick mud, to the tarmac of the veledrome, back to mud, which happens to be on a corner. The last lap of warmup i hit this section hard, and it hit back. Boom! I was on the ground. Shooting back up I noticed my shifter was busted in half, great the race was over before it began. Wait! Neutral support! Sram had set up a sweet little tent with some brand new, zipp equiped bikes. They set me up with a new bike, and off I rode. Missing callups was a bit of a disappointment, starting last place is never good. However it is better than not racing at all. The gun went off, and off we went. It was a stacked field, Barry, Ryan, Swiss national champion, Adam Craig, they were all there, and charging hard. My only wish was to remain on the lead lap, With 3 to go, Barry came past me, my day was over. That said, I have never had more fun at an event, racing at 820 pm, under the lights, beer garden, screaming fans. There is only one word to describe this event AMAZING! Tomorrow is only 30 minutes away, it is time for sleep, and recovery for tomorrows event. See you guys tomorrow for another day in the saddle!