The Cycling Life

There are many ideas about what the cycling life is, and should be.

Boiling it down, there is one thing that every cyclist shares. One reason that every single cyclist shares, and that is the reason we get on our bikes. As of late I have become aware that there are many reasons we ride our bikes, One reason why each cyclist mounts their bicycle and rides every chance they get. And that reason is to be stoked. Our reason to be stoked may be different, whether to finish our next xc race, boost phater than the rest of our group, simply to best ourselves, or to get out in nature. We all have our reason to get out and ride. It is not for financial gain, the best of us are at most very famous to a small group of individuals. We get out on our bikes to enjoy ourselves. I personally enjoy climbing up to the highest point possible to share in an amazing descent back to town with my friends. Racing is an amazing gift which i enjoy a great deal. I love to show up at a huge race with a group of the same thousand, ten thousand, or ten individuals that share the same passion that I am so lucky to enjoy; cycling. No matter what you ride, Marin, Jamis, Kona, what have you. I hope that everyone realizes that you are out there on your bikes for one reason. To be stoked. I can say to any individual who shares a passion for something in their life, that I am STOKED. STOKED to be in an industry job that I love, STOKED to be sharing something both healthy, and enjoyable, that brings me stoke every time I partake. Cycling to me is an amazing gift that I hope to share with everyone I come in contact with. Not because it makes someone money, but because it is an amazing aspect of my life which I hope to share with everyone I come in contact with.
To everyone out there, fat, skinny, fast, or slow. Share the STOKE. That is my challenge to you.