Team Training Camp Day 3

I woke up nice and late Sunday morning after a punishing ride in Oroville on Saturday. After
a delicious home cooked breakfast, that came complete with Emma’s special tasty toast and
delicious Kinetic coffee, we rolled over to a local’s house where we met up with one of the more
intimidating “bike gangs” I have yet to encounter. It felt like if you didn’t have a tat, a beard, and
a single chain ring you might as well go home. But I didn’t especially want to go home, I wanted
to ride bikes. So we pedaled over to Bidwell Park, which was my first introduction to riding in
Chico proper. The initial easy rolling terrain provided a great warm-up for the tired legs, and the fun twisty trails made me feel like a kid and put a smile on my face. The upper trails at Bidwell were every bit rocky as they were rad. It was like pedaling up a constant rock garden, which made me grateful for the full suspension I had cushioning the blow. After climbing up to a high lookout, the descent began which was an amazing series of well burmed corners studded with constant rock madness and a few technical shoots, drops, and turns. All in all it was a fantastic day with virtually no mechanicals, great weather, and excellent company! I can’t wait to get back to Chico and get taken on another bumpy ride!