The day started off foggy and dank down at the warm springs rec. area. Everyone seemed excited for the event to start. The gun went off as planned at 8 am and we headed up the pavement and over the bridge. I didn’t get a warm up in at all which definitely hurt me in the beginning. The pace was blistering. I watched the pro field ride off as my legs packed up and decided not to do their job. The turn off the pavement climbed us to our first dirt decent, steep and loose should be the lake sonoma motto. We crossed a small creek and kept climbing. It wasn’t until about 1/3 of the way through the race and a few recovery descents that my legs started to feel ok. I was psyched to see my girl friend nicole out there at the feed station with a bottle, I didn’t know it at the time but it was a haul and a half to get to any of those spots. So thanks nic and thank you to everyone out there supporting! I slowly began to start to see people in front of me. Reeling people in was a slow and tedious task, everyone was super fit and fast for this event. We climbed and climbed and the day heated up. It never got quite as hot as I had thought it would, mainly thanks to the idea of the counter clockwise loop it kept us in the shade as long as possible. Great idea guys! I had never ridden the course counter clock wise before and I thought it was great. By the time we had gotten back to the finish line the fog was gone and the sun was blazing. I ended up in 5th which I was happy about. I went right over to my car and threw on my running shorts and shoes and knock out my 10k training run as I am training for an xterra race in mid october. Psyched to be done the run I hosed off changed up and got some delicious food from our friends @ fork catering. I really enjoyed this event, the people over at bike monkey rock. They have put on such awesome events this whole year and have also offered prize money for the top places which I think really helps the sport as well. Keep it up guys I think as well as everyone else (I’m sure) thinks your doing an amazing job with the events. Thanks.- Brian