Skyline: The new team kits are here!

Just after wrapping up the end of another school year, Tsering, Mo, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to go to the Skyline MTB race held just outside of Napa. Such an awesome course! Almost entirely technical, woodsy NorCal singletrack! It starts off with a long fire road climb, then a singletrack climb followed by a sweet technical descent and miles of lush, rolling singletrack. You even head around a lovely pond half way through the lap.

We all started in one massive group and I was chocking down dust for most of the race, but feeling pretty strong with Mo in sight. She put some space on me on the technical climb, but I was still towards the front for the expert women. We had a decent-sized expert women’s category (5 ladies) for a local race and I was stoked to see my friend from collegiate racing, Corinna, was out there reppin it for Davis (but still in her old Cal Poly kit). We kept a pretty even distance between each other during the race with me slightly ahead. However, I made an aggressive pass in an open field because a male sport racer was holding me up on the descents and wouldn’t let me get by. I sprinted past him to the left side at full speed and slammed into a rock hidden by the tall grass. I went flying off my bike, landing hard onto my head and knocking the wind out of me. It took me a little while to sit up and just as I did, Corinna passed me. I made sure my helmet was structurally sound and used the surge of adrenaline I felt to catch up. About 20 mins later I was able to pass her back on a climb and despite the pounding headache from my fall, I managed to stay ahead of her and even open a gap of 90 seconds by the end. Maureen was killin it way ahead of me. The technical descents on this course were perfect for her mad skills and she had the 2nd fastest time of the day.

Tsering was having a great race and loving the course until he got a brutal double-cramp (both legs). It was so bad that he had to crawl off to the side of the trail and wait for 15 mins before he could even stand. It took a couple of GUs and some vigorous rubbing to even finish the race. He was bummed, but we were both stoked that our kits had finally arrived and they looked so hot!