Sea Otter Addendum

I (Maureen) wanted to chime in on the Sea Otter report to give a shout out to our wonderful sponsors. We really enjoyed visiting with all of you that had booths this year. It was awesome to have a home base at the Marin tent and meet the Marin family (Mark V. we missed you!). We were perfectly situated 2 doors down from GU, and Brooke went above and beyond the call of duty by setting us up with the newest product ROCTANE (the Blueberry Pomegranate flavor is tasty!). Just across the way were ESI Grips and WTB, and down the street was Vanderkitten with their awesome souped-up scooter. And we watched Clayton dominate the World Championships of Tire Skidding at the Hayes tent. It was non-stop entertainment!
My personal favorite, however, was the Kinetic Koffee booth with Mark and Joel. I was psyched to meet the guys that roast the best beans I’ve ever had. And I’m a serious coffee snob. I really enjoyed learning the difference between the Espresso and French roasts. These guys set us up with our morning java fixes and several pounds of beans for the coming weeks. Thank you! I can’t wait to tour the roastery this summer.
Of course the best part of our experience was delivering 6-packs of Great White to our sponsors. Walking through the venue loaded down with beer was one serious ice-breaker! Thanks Lost Coast!!
Finally, I wanted to say thank you to the Wind Goddess of Sea Otter, who taught us all a painful lesson about just how ridiculous a headwind and crosswind can be. On my training ride yesterday, I noticed the usual winds at the top of the Berkeley Hills are peanuts compared to what I felt at Sea Otter. Now that we’ve experienced the worst case, everything else will be “easy peasy lemon squeezy” as my li’l cousin Jacqueline likes to say.
Next up for several of us is the Shasta-Lemurian, a NorCal classic going off this Saturday.
Ride on!