My name is Brian Astell and this is my chance to tell the sea utters story through my eyes. It is a magical story missing only one ingredient, Amon Pease, who could not make it. we missed you man.
Becca and I drove down to sea utter weaving in and out out of the thick traffic. The sea utter title was at stake. Registration was a breeze which was awesome. We pre-rode the super windy course and I was feeling good. We went to my friend Emile’s house and that was cool. Emma, Tsering and Maureen showed up at Emile’s and we joked and went to bed. Saturday was short track day. Tsering had a ruff day, he tweaked his back, but finished strong. Not quite sure what place he finished because results are yet to be posted. Maureen killed it for her race she ended up 15th beating out some of the fastest girls in the universe. I had a less than satifying race…I’m not too sure were I ended up but it wasn’t with the top 12 guys who didn’t get pulled, yikes, congrats to those fast guys. One day Trebon, I will attack you and Sam at the same time and mark my word, it will feel like you are getting sucked backwards by an alien spaceship. Anyways, back to the blog.
I go to sleep early in the hotel we got in Salinas. Just before we went to bed we watched some south park which just happened to be about my arch nemesis, the internet. Sunday we woke up early, packed up quick and drove 100miles an hour to sea utter to feed Tsering. Tsering unfortunately, with his tweaked back got through one lap and had to call it a day. He didn’t want to injure himself too early in the season. Emma had a great race and ended up 5th! The single track got pretty plugged up in her race right off the bat and there was a lot of position switching out on the course towards the end, and some chick punked her in the finishing sprint, but it was a close one. Don’t worry Emma I put that chick on my list. Maureen again killed it out there placing 16th for pro women- damn that girls on fire! Is it hot in here? Is anyone else hot? My race went pretty well. I ended up in 36th-I always want to go faster so I am very rarely completely satisfied with how my race went. Next time Miguel! I have to say that I was amazed with the support from all our sponsors, especially Marin bikes. All the guys there were super helpful at the tent and made getting any last minute work on my bike a breeze- I had a full parts swap done as well as linkage on my Quad XC changed up, Rob was on it! I also had a ton of fun going around handing out FREE Great White beer to the sponsors and alcoholics all around the venue (just kidding alkies). The beer was a big hit; everyone loved it and there were many inquiries about purchasing our race jerseys. All this excitement in one extended weekend, Man I love Sea Utters! More pics here!