San Francisco Super Prestige/District Championships Nov. 29

The team headed down to S.F. to take part in the Super Prestige and get together to make plans for the 2010 season. I love S.F. and was stoked to get a chance to race in Golden Gate Park. I arrived early to give myself time to get lost and ride a bit in the park. The weather was beautiful with clear skies and lots of sunshine. I found the race and hung out enjoying the weather and watched some of the action while getting a feel for what the course was like. After my warm-up I ran into my mates and we chatted a bit before the start. I was lucky to get a pre lap in before my start…but unlucky in getting to the start after just about everyone else. This plus the fact that I was not in the call-ups put me at the waaaaay back. No big deal, just gonna have to bust my but. Brian Astell was in the the group with me and he was my rabbit. I knew that if I could keep him close I would have a good race. This plan worked for the first two laps…but I knew right away I did not have my best stuff going ( I blame the 9 hr drive, too much turkey, and not enough sleep.) Plus Brian was bunny hopping the barriers…a move I have done in the past, but was unwilling to try in this environment. This race was FAST! The course was wide open compared to the techy, twisty courses in Oregon. I was on the gas and at my limit the entire race. I can always tell when I am maxed because it is happens right before I feel like giving up. But giving up is not part of my racing (I can proudly say I have only one DNF in my racing history…that was due to a three flat first lap in the 2006 State
Championships.) Plus, all my teammates were there and cross is hard no matter how you slice it. I buried myself for the entire 60 minutes and finished exactly mid pack….27th out of 54. Not good…not bad. I was really impressed with how aggressive this race was and I look forward to coming back next year with better cross form to have another go. After the race Team Lost Coast grabbed some grub and made out a tentative schedule for 2010. We have big plans for next season so stay tuned for more fun and excitement….Next up….USGP in Portland….then….Cross Nats in Bend!!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW! Cross you later….Geoff