Regge riding happened just over a month ago and now after all the excitement has subsided within me, I feel I can sit down and calmly tell the tale. Just kidding I’ll start off with my formal apology for not having this blog up sooner. SORRY. The
Festival;   This is the way I remember it happening. The day started off pretty warm. Hannah, Jerimha and I had camped at the venue the night before the race to protect the half set up race site from any burglars who might just be passing by. We had no encounters, mission accomplished! Our back up arrived around 8:30 to relieve us of our night watch and we headed straight to Cione’s house where we were greeted with a great breakfast. Thanks again Cione! After breakfast it was back to the venue where we helped with a bit more of the set up. People were running around getting everything in order and from tables and registration to final course markings. I was put in charge of getting a few more stunts put together but couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t pale in comparison to the sweet teeter- totter Amon had so

meticulously designed or the table top jump Themba and Tsering had put together either. Amon had also built some portable skinnies to practice your balancing skills with. I had nothing. The only thing I could think of was FOAM PIT! But there was no time. I tried the wall ride idea a few different ways but it looked like a law suit waiting to happen. Good thing we had everyone sign those small printed waivers! Just kidding. I ended up making a smaller jump that looked kind of silly next to Themba and Tserings and I swear I heard some one snicker when they walked passed it. I decided to then quickly add on to the to the table top and moved the teeter-totter around so you had to clear the table top width ways and land on the totter without hitting the ground shoot up the totter and down to safety. I tested it, it worked and my job was done! Everyone was assigned jobs and seemed to be getting them done quickly because by the time I looked up from my stunt assignment everything was ready. Let the festivities begin! There were skills clinics, fun rides, fun contests, music and dancing! Team LCB raced and represented. The course was fast and windy and there were podium spots for everyone! The bike limbo was a hit, there was tons of competition.The wheelie contest wasn’t for the faint of heart and there was definitely a showing of some amazing skill including a no handed wheelie. The track stand contest was even won with a no hander move. I am training completely no handed until next year. So the day was filled with tons of fun and I am leaving out alot, I feel like I have been writing forever. I will leave you with this, after the costume contest pixxy bike race with crashes, flats and people riding over other people in capes and speedos, there was DANCING! The night was finished off with the Bayonics. I witnessed team LCB get down! I saw dance moves from unnamed team members that I had thought had gone extinct with wooly mamoths, sabertooth tigers and things from that era but boy was I wrong. It was killer, it made me regret not taking those private brake dance lessons I always day dream about. Why didn’t I at least bring my gynormous piece of cardboard.!!