Raid on Sherwood Peak

Sunday’s Raid on Sherwood Peak was a good endurance race put on by Murphy Mack, unfortunately the turnout wasn’t huge because tamarancho was scheduled for the same day but that didn’t stop me from showing up and getting in a long solid effort in up in Fort Bragg. It was overcast and cool which wasn’t too bad for 50 mile mountain bike ride. We started at 9 or just a little after and rode and rode until finally a ways inland we found some sun, it didn’t last too long though cause as we looped back it disappeared.  After just over 50 miles and 6200 ft of climbing I crossed the finish line. I was the first one through and I had felt better than the year before and had also bettered my time from the year before. You can’t ask for more than that. After getting cleaned up we were treated to another of Murphy Mack’s post race smorgasbords! Seriously, I haven’t ever been to a mountain bike race that he’s put on and not gotten amazing food (and lots of it!) This guy Dave he has cater, grows this stuff right in his own garden and it’s so good and fresh. Some times while I’m racing I try to go just a little harder so that at the end I’m just a little hungrier just so I can fit more of this great food in my stomach! Thanks again Dave! Thanks also to all the volunteers out there and to the Mendocino coast cyclist for all there hard work along with the land owners and Murph for putting it all together for another great race day!