Pilarcitos CX Sucess!

Recently, Team Lost Coast Riders Brian Astell, Amon Pease, and new member, Nicole Garcia had an excellent weekend of CX racing in the Bay Area. Here is their report:

Pilarcitos # 1 was a success. The morning was cold and dark but dry on the coast where Lost Coast Brewery/ Marin riders started out for the oakland venue. Nicole Garcia, Lost Coast’s newest team member, Amon Pease, former and now again team member, and me, Brian Astell headed down to Oak Town. As we got off the coast we were expecting the day to warm up and greet us with some sun, but we were sorely mistaken. Instead it got cloudier and wetter until we were getting rained on.

We were running a bit late and were just going to get to the venue a half hour before nicole’s first cross race ever. She was already nervous the night before having never practiced dismounting, mounting or going over barriers until 6pm that night and getting there with only a half hour to reg. get changed warmed up check out the course and get here number plate on wasn’t helping. We pulled up in the parking lot and all jumped out. Her pit crew was ready and within 5 min everything was taken care of. She hoped on my team hard tail mountain bike and on to the course. We all had mt. bikes that day. After getting around the course she lined up in the back of the womens B’s took a few deep breaths and the gun went off. The A women took off 30 seconds in front of the b’s and it was on. She fought her way through the b’s and to our suprise started picking off the A’s. I warmed up along with amon and cheered her on. I had my mnt vision 5.9 to warm up on and had decided to rock the team hardtail just as long as I could have a chance to grab it when nic had finished killing on it. Nic finished not sure how she had done yet because there were so many girls on the course and I grabbed the bike had her throw on my number and went straight to the start line. Amon was already there and the fun began. Slicing through the rain and mud we went lap after lap. finally the lap cards came out and we had 4 to go I was sitting in 4th and had to be smart. on the last lap I poured the rest of what I had out and took it in hard for a 3rd. Amon who hadn’t raced in well over a year and decide a cross race of all races was the way to make a come back rolled though in 17th! At the end of the race nicole gave me the good news. She pulled off a second place and had beaten more than half of the women’s A field!

So the trip was a super success 2 podium finishes a super killer first race back and a ton of fun all before 3 o’clock on a saturday afternoon.

Seriously, Nicole Garcia of Team Lost Coast Brewery/ Marin came in second in her first cross race, despite starting from the back and being on a mountain bike. This is her first race season ever and she hasn’t even ridden a bike period, up until a year and a half ago! WTF! Keep your eyes peeled for this new talent hopefully we’ll be seeing her up on the podium a few more times before the seasons end. This is Brian Astell from team LCB/Marin and we’ll see you at the races!

Note: The pics aren’t from the race, but they’re pretty sweet anyways! 🙂