New Team Member Profile: Kevin Moynihan


Kevin in one of the new members we’re excited to have on Team Lost Coast Brewery for this year. Here’s an introduction with a little bit about him.

Name: Kevin Moynihan

Racing Age: 29

Hometown: Oak Park, CA

Current town: Davis, CA

Years Riding: 15

Racing discipline: XC

What bikes do you ride? Marin Rift Zone 8 and Marin Stelvio Pro, plus a host of other bikes, some homemade.

How long have you been with Team Lost Coast Brewery? First year!

What got you into this bike-riding thing? I was fat computer kid, so my parents funded the first bike. After that, I spent summers riding and racing DH at Big Bear and Northstar. I’d really say I started to like all-things-bike in college. Collegiate racing with the Cal Poly Wheelmen was rad. I tried road and XC, then decided road bike aren’t as fun.

What are you passionate about personally? Planning and doing awesome things.

What do you really enjoy? Doing awesome things, typically adventures like trekking the Himalayas, climbing the Grand Teton, or week(s) long road trips with bikes and beer. Or even just a day in the woods to shred some knobbies and make the “braapp” noise a bunch.

What can’t you stop talking about? Really amazing vegetarian sandwiches.

Any cycling or life achievements you are particularly proud of? After trying the Tahoe Sierra 100 MTB race and getting the smackdown, I set a goal (took two years) to do well at a NUE 100 mile MTB race and got 13th/99 in open at High Cascades last year. Checkkk!

What would be impossible for you to give up? Dark chocolate.

How do you want to be remembered? That guy that was really excited ‘bout ridin’ bikes.