New Team Member Profile: Jason King


We’re excited to welcome Jason to the team this year. Here’s an introduction with a little bit about him.

Name: Jason King

Racing Age: 31

Hometown: Napa, CA

Current town: Santa Rosa, CA

Years Riding: ~12

Racing discipline: XC Mountain

What bikes do you ride? Felt Edict Nine 1

How long have you been with Team Lost Coast Brewery? 1st year

What got you into this bike-riding thing? I used to run competitively in High School and Junior College, riding some to cross train and if injured. I just enjoyed the speed, how far I could go, how much I could see, along with the tactics and skills to learn and always strive to improve on

What are you passionate about personally? Sharing my passions, experiences, and knowledge with others through teaching and coaching

What do you really enjoy? Bikes, beer, and braaaap!

What can’t you stop talking about? eating healthy, getting stronger/more fit, and being a beer snob.

Any cycling or life achievements you are particularly proud of? In cycling I have won and been on the podium at a bunch of races over the years; I graduated college and got a teaching credential with honors and scholarships in the Academic realm. But honestly coaching others to success and/or mentoring others to improve and succeed has given me a lot of pride and joy.

What would be impossible for you to give up? My health

How do you want to be remembered? Being an active, dedicated, passionate, and helpful person to others.