New Team Member Profile: Gretchen Johnson

gretchen240Gretchen is one of the new members we’re excited to have Team Lost Coast Brewery for this year. Here’s an introduction with a little bit about her.

Name:  Gretchen Johnson

Racing Age:  34

Hometown:  Seiad Valley, CA

Current Town:  Fortuna, CA

Years Riding:  10

Discipline: Downhill

Time with Lost Coast Brewery:  First season

What got you into riding:  As an avid snowboarder, I needed a summer sport.  Mountain biking was the perfect way to have fun and stay strong, and it immediately became my first love!

What are you passionate about personally?  Doing what I can do to make the world just a little bit brighter.

What do you really enjoy?  The feeling of being alive that I have after doing something that scares me.  It’s a sense of accomplishment and strength to face my fears head-on.

What can’t you stop talking about?  Rocks.  Whether it’s from riding my bike over them and talking about line choice, or depicting the mineral make-up of them, or climbing them, they fascinate me!

Any cycling or life achievements you are particularly proud of?  Getting ten podiums in pro class during the 2013 season, and earning my pilot license in high school.  I was also flying powered parachutes solo at age 15.

What would be impossible for you to give up?  Adrenaline inducing outdoor activities. And of course IPA’s and black tea!

How do you want to be remembered?  As someone who inspired others, whether it be in the sport of mountain biking or other aspects of life.  I want to be a positive influence, and help others find their strength and courage.