NAHMBS in San Jose

WOW! The North American Handmade Bicycle Show was quite the experience! I definitely plan on going for years to come to check out more beautiful, handmade bicycles. Held at the Convention Center in San Jose, CA, the NAHMBS provided an opportunity to see a bunch of unique bicycles and their equally eccentric craftsmen. It was a great experience to check out the kind of bicycles you can’t find in every corner bike store. From elite, pimped-out race machines, to shiny track bikes, decadent townie bikes, and everything in between, the NAHMBS had a bike for everyone to drool all over. The following are just some of the show highlights:

The bike to the left was probably the most beautiful tandem bicycles I’d ever seen. Even had a sicky two-tone paint job and custom disc brake rotors!

And if I was in the market for a custom Ti road bike, it’d be pretty hard to resisit the adorable pink schemed Eriksen to the right:

I’m a sucker for themed bikes and this Bohemian single speed mountain bike definitely had the Orange Crush thing going on. Looks yummy!

Vanilla Cycles went all-out with their display! They has pictures, fresh grass, found objects, and even a little noise box. When you pushed the button it would play noises like a cow bell ringing or people cheering. It reminded me of a museum exhibit or an interactive art installment.

Patrick cycles had a sweet white and red theme going on for their hardtail. They were all about the Irish pride, beer, and hotties. Check out the custom disc rotors and the ride buddy on the rear triangle. At least you’ll never feel lonely on your bike.

Flaming lugs were another hot item at the NAHMBS. Check it out! I wonder if all of those flames really make you faster. I might move quicker just ’cause I’d look down and think my hot ass bike was on fire! Lots of sweet 3-D head badges at the NAHMBS too! I loved the Ant cycles one to the left. Looks like a piece of jewlery welded onto the front of your ride. Nice!
Pictures can’t capture the lovely but subtle Mario Pegoretti paint job on this custom original

Some folks were all about the cutting edge. Ruegamer definitely fit into this category with their ultra- aero TT bike and 11.5 pound road bike. They had carbon frames that weighed something like 700 grams- kind of frightening if you ask me. The lab coats the frame builders were wearing definitely added to the mad science of their scary light bikes!

Calfee was definitely pushing the envelope as well. They had their namesake slew of bamboo frames and other oddies. I was pretty tempted to take their safari road bike on a spin just so I could see if the bull-horn bars actually worked. And there was the spider man bike! Pictures can only explain...

Ruegamer also gets props for their fairy bike. This awesome bike had a paint job that extended to every component, including the Mavic auto shifters and carbon cranks. It’s lucky owner (apparently the builder’s wife) clearly does indeed believe in fairies.

And finally, the most blinging (and arguably most expensive) bike for sale at the show was Indy Fab’s gold/ carbon machine. Make that money!

Ok, gotta study for my midterm tommorow, but there will be more pics and stories from NAHMBS soon, including pics of the Ahrens bike set up and a race report from the Penninsula Rally race to the show from Tsering!