Mudslinger MTB Race

Howdy all…Geoff here. Wow! What a crazy Winter I have had! Many close to me know that I was in a serious crash at cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Or. The result was a broken sternum and compound fractured finger…among other bumps and bruises. I was in the hospital for a couple days following the “accident”, then home for “two to three months of recovery and healing”. Not a great way to end one of my best seasons to date. But! I am proud to say that I was able to get my head straight quickly…and was riding the trainer withing three weeks of the crash. I couldn’t put my hands on the handlebar..but I would use a towel around my neck as my two handles…put on two pairs of riding shorts and just pedal sitting up for as long as I could stand it (usually about two hours or so.) I watched a lot of movies and just tried to enjoy the fact that I could get a little bit of a workout. Within six weeks I was riding easy outdoors…and within eight weeks…riding up to four hours at a time. I was happy for a quick recovery and was happy to find out that the “rest” and time off actually helped me and I feel like I will be able to build on last years success.

And success came early. Anna and I headed out to the 22nd running of the Mudslinger mtb race for my first start since my crash. I have done this race a bunch of times and it is always a popular event. I signed up for the single speed class and caught up with friends as I warmed up. The course was 22 miles with a little over 4000 ft of elevation…short..but hilly. We had about 15 guys in our group so there was some competition. A local strong dude..Luke DeMoe, started really hard but I was able to catch his wheel and we took turns turning the screw to string things out at the start. The starting climb was about 13 min long and I decided to go about 10 min in. I got a small gap and built on that down the backside of the first climb into the single track. I kept on the gas and was able to get out of sight early. My legs were good so I decided to go for it and see what happens. Since the Pro and Cat 1 fields started 6 and 4 mins ahead of me I was able to catch and use the draft of the geared riders on the flatter pedaling sections . This allowed me to rest and have the energy to jump from their wheel before the single track sections. I finished my second lap without ever seeing another single speed and finished in 1 hr 54 min. My fastest time to date and seven minutes over second place. I was stoked to have a good race to start the 2010 season. I look forward to our first team event in Oregon and wish all my teamates good luck. Emma and I are both signed up for the Creampuff 100 so stay tuned for more training and racing updates…Geoff

p.s.. sorry no photo’s…next one for sure.