Maui winter training: Day 1

As the new year quickly approaches, it is time to get back into riding shape again. I had been thinking about doing a trip to Maui for some winter training for the last several years. It just so happened that the planets aligned (little Mayan Apocalypse joke there) to let me take that trip this year. California has a pretty temperate winter compared to most other places, but the prospect of December rides sans warmers through the tropical rain-forest was too much to pass up. For this adventure I recruited my former UC Davis Cycling teammate and traveling buddy, Adam Smith. Finding some cheap plane tickets, and crashing at a hostel allowed us to pull off the trip on the cheap.
We departed Davis at 3:30am to make our early flight out of Sacramento international airport and ensure our bikes made it on the little puddle jumper to SFO. Ten and a half travel hours later we arrived in beautiful and sunny Maui. After taking a cab to the hostel and getting set up there we decided to go grab some food out, hit the beach, and do some grocery shopping for the next few days. Cue the first awesome thing about a bike vacation: your bike doubles as your around town transport. No need for rental cars, taxis, or long hikes. We grabbed the giant Kryptonite New York chain I bought for the trip and went exploring.
Beer run with Adam. Always a high first day priority. Very disappointed in the lack of Lost Coast brew at the supermarket