Marin Summer Rally and Occidental Dirt Ride

A couple of weekends ago, some riders from Team LCB gathered in the Bay Area to celebrate the end of summer with the Marin bikes crew at their “Summer Rally” in Novato, Ca. The rally was held in the back warehouse of the Marin Bikes complex and included a delicious BBQ, kegs of yummy brews (including a keg of Great White graciously supplied by Lost Coast Brewery), a jump house for the wee ones, and hot new 2010 bikes on display. I was excited to see the sexy new carbon Marin road bike in flashy “team” white and blue colors. This bike is a true road race bike decked out with Durace, Ksyriums, FSA carbon, and all the other top of the line bling. It looks like it would be swift and steady on the pavement and I know that as soon as I’m ready to get a new road bike, it will be at the top of my wish list. The President also made an appear ace at the rally and Dave from Vanderkitten and I were honored to sneak a quick photo with him. He’s taller in person than I expected, and very thin! We gave him props on the battle for healthcare and told him to keep on truckin‘. The gathering was a nice opportunity to hang out with the wonderful employees of Marin bikes and all of the great people linked to the company. Cheers to an awesome summer Marin bikes, and thanks for all of your support!
The next day, Mo, Brian, Amon and I were treated to a sweet ride in Occidental led by Gabe and his awesome girlfriend Heather. I’d heard rumors about tons of sweet, backwoods singletrack in the Occidental area and I was stoked to have a local escort us around the mecca of unknown trails. It was a brutally hot late-summer day, but we still got to explore a big chunk of the riding out there, including some super new trails that had just been cut months ago. The riding was almost entirely singletrack and very challenging- tight, twisty, low-cut, and steep up and down. And man were the climbs steep! After we reached the bottom of the descent we grunted up the climb, following Gabe’s willowy shadow. There were incredible views on the ride though, it was amazing how remote it seemed at times, even knowing how close we were to the North Bay. In all, we probably rode for about 4 solid hours and ended the ride all smiles, despite the heat. Thanks again to Gabe and Heather for showing us the sweet dirt in Occidental, you guys were awesome escorts! I hope we can do some more epic riding again soon 🙂