Lost Coast Brewery Team Training Camp, Day 3

8:00Saturday everyone got up to cloudy skies, with a 100% chance of pain, with a slight chance of suffering. The night before Tsering had everyone talked into deviating from our schedule to do an amazing ride by the coast.
We got up to Mo contemplating what Kinetic Coffee’s to brew, and Emma making sure everyone knew what food was up for grabs. Before we knew it we were in the cars, some of us half awake, and off to the trailhead; an early start for most.
After the short drive, suiting up, some team pictures, and a quick warm-up the group headed up a very steep switchback climb. The trail was riddled with leaves, loose rock, and twigs, basically anything and everything to spoil your traction. Pete was suffering up this climb on a 30 lbs bike! Not fair since the rest of us were on low to mid twenty lbs bikes from Marin’s demo fleet.(Thanks Mark)
After regrouping at the top, and navigating the rolling ridge line came the first epic loose downhill which immediately claimed its first victim. “The muscle” as he is affectionately referred to punctured, after repairing his bike, the mountain swiftly claimed its second victim. Tsering slid around a corner going a little too fast and roundhouse kicked a tree. (He was ok, just a little swollen)

We soon hit the best part of the ride, a steep downhill switchback section. The cliff edge was so close the trail bed was eroding off the cliff. It made for a spectacular view of the ocean through the coastal fog. At the bottom of the trail we regrouped next to a herd of elk. It was here that we looked back and began to appreciate how epic of a descent we had just come down.After a brief photo shoot with our furry celebrities it was back up the four mile climb to the cars.
When we got back to the cars a few riders, Amon, “The Muscle”, Ethan and myself decided it would be a great idea to spin the 12 or so miles back to Emma’s house. I blame the whole thing on Amon. The spin took the better part of an hour, and we were back just in time to catch a hot shower, and some awesome food! That night the team ventured out yet again for some live music in Garberville, and a guaranteed good time.