Lost Coast Brewery Team Training Camp, Day 2

On Friday, Feb 20, Team LCB minus Emma 🙁 met up with Nigel Hill for an awesome ride in his backyard of McKinleyville. First our host treated us to some homemade waffles from his waffle iron. Tasty! Then we headed for the woods, which are within a mile of Nigel’s house. The trails reminded me of the upper campus trails in Santa Cruz: tight, twisty-turny singletrack through beautiful redwoods. Steep punchy climbs and fast descents. One section (called Lopes trail) evoked the type of gleeful feeling that only a pumptrack can. I have no idea what our route looked like; we were lost in a maze of moto trails that Nigel has worked hard to maintain. Thanks for all your hard work!!
After our ride we cleaned up and headed to Kinetic Koffee, where we met up with Mark Vanek from Marin Bikes. Yes, in an unassuming warehouse in Arcata is the source of the best roasted beans ever! It was a privilege to see the workspace of our favorite roastmaster, Mark Ritz. He gave us a tour of his space and walked us through the experience of a typical bag of green beans under his care. After some cajoling by yours truly, we were treated to a demonstration of the Aero Press, a genius invention that brews espresso (complete with crema!) without that pesky $1000 machine. Made with the new Espresso Nero beans, this espresso was extremely tasty! I’m definitely planning to get one of these… Someone made the hilarious joke about the resemblance of the Aero Press to a needle and syringe. I still contend that caffeine is harmless fun.
Sufficiently caffeniated (though espresso has less caffeine than drip!), we headed down the 101 to Eureka to visit THE Lost Coast Brewery. This was my first trip to the epicenter of awesome beer–turns out the food is awesome too! We were treated to our drinks by the one and only Barbara Groom, brewmaster extraordinare. She even took the time to hang out with us for dinner! Like any good first-time visitor, I got the massive beer Sampler. One little glass of ALL the beers. I’m happy to report they are all tasty! I especially liked the Raspberry Brown and the Eightball Stout. But my favorite was the Great White (I’m not just making that up, either!).
After our splendid dinner, we headed back to Redway. Later we were joined by Pete Black from Marin Bikes. Pete and Mark came up to do some epic riding and hang out with their favorite team 😉 Saturday we planned to do a tough ride that climbs up one ridge, descends to the ocean, and climbs back up and over to the start. Yay mountain biking! -Maureen