Lost Coast Brewery Team Training Camp, Day 1

This past weekend I was thrilled and honored to have my little house on the river packed full of bikes, spandex, water bottles, and awesome mountain biker friends and team mates for four days of riding in Humboldt County. Tsering and I planned out a weekend packed with the best mountain bike rides across the county and meetings with sponsors and friends:

Day 1 (Thursday)

2:00 pm – Arrive to Redway, Ca (

28 Barnes La



3:30 pm – Local group ride- Community park, Kimtu, campground loop

6:00 pm – Bike check & maintenance (Amon)

7:30 pm – Dinner and team meeting at Emma’s

Day 2 (Friday)

9:00 am – Depart for Eureka

10:00 am – MTB ride in McKinleyville w/ Nigel Hill

1:30 pm – Tour of Kinetic Koffee w/ Mark Ritz

3:00 pm – Group lunch @ LostCoast Brewery w/ Barbara Groom

Friday Night – Dancing or a show?

Day 3 (Saturday)

11:00 am – MTB ride:

Option 1: Founders Grove, Look Prairie, Thornton trail (Weott)

Option 2: Homegrown Single track w/ Tyce Fraser (Salmon Creek)

6:00 pm – Dinner at Tsering’s

7:00 pm – Group stretch and massage exchange

Day 4 (Sunday)

8:00 am – Group breakfast at Emma’s

10:00 am – Paradise Trail at KingsRange (near Shelter Cove)

Of course we didn’t stick exactly to schedule, but in a show of their commitment to the team, all of the team mates come to Southern Humboldt from as far away as Ashland, Oregon as well as Mark and Pete from Marin Bikes, Ethan from Santa Rosa, and Anand who traveled from Berkeley with Mo to take awesome pictures for us!

On Thursday I sat around my house anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new and old team mates. Almost all at once Brian, Amon, Matt and Ethan showed up to 24 Barnes Lane and we took off for a tour of the local trails. We rode from Redway to the Community Park in Garberville, over to Benbow through Kimtu, through the state park in Benbow, and back to Redway. None of us had a camera on our little ride, but we all had a good time cruising around the local trails, especially the network of singletrack that weaves through the Community Park. Sadly our local trails at the Community Park are now closed as the county has determined that the park is zoned for agricultural use only and any recreational use of the park is illegal. We had a very emotional community meeting the week following our team training camp and we are really hoping to re-open the park to the hikers, bikers, dog walkers, frisbee golfers, picnickers, and bird-watchers who have been using the park peacefully for years.

We got back from our ride and met up with Tsering, who had been up in Eureka for a work meeting all day, as well as Anand and Mo. My lovely friend Sara came over and we all made homemade pizzas together with a smorgasbord of toppings. Later in the evening some of us went to Tophs House in Benbow for a good, but tragically short show by K’Naan, a hip-hop artist from Somalia who’s touring all over the country right now.