Larissa’s Downieville Classic Report

First off Camelbak and Gu both saved my butt at this race! I got my new Camelbak Octane LR pack a week before the race, which meant two pre rides with it and I was in love. Such a comfy pack that I wore it on the climb in the xc race and couldn’t have been happier. I was well stocked with Gu gells going into the xc, and although I cramped a bit on Pauley Creek trail, cramming a few Blueberry Pom gells in my mouth quickly ended the cramping and allowed me to crush the climb to Third Divide and First Divide trail.
This race was my peak race this year and I went into it really well prepared. I was well rested, got in a few pre rides and was super pumped to finally be at a race with a bunch of team mates. I came in fourth in the XC despite breaking my rear deraillure cable on Third Divide Trail and having to grind out a huge gear on First Divide. An eighth place finish in the downhill (in which I actually passed four girls!) put me in 5th for the all mountain. Even though the podium only goes 4 deep I was still stoked on the result AND I got a picture with Carl Decker!
The season is almost over now, and I am more and more grateful each day for how awesome team Lost Coast is, and what a great opportunity they have given me to race bikes so much this year! Thanks team!