Gettin Nappy

Napa valley has always been one of my favorite events of the year. It’s a crazy grassroots style race with some sick single track. Wanting to make the best of the weekend Emma and I raced road on Saturday before the XC race on Sunday. Emma went to Stanford to compete in a couple road time trials and I hit up the Kings ridge Grasshopper race. The 80 mile king’s ridge race was probably not the best idea, but hopefully it would help me be strong for the NORBA in Santa Barbra in a week. Emma, my brother Themba, and I carpooled to the race and arrived in record time. My brother was racing my beat SS commuter MTB and this was his first race of the year.
After a slow warm up my bitterly beaten legs started to open just in time for the start, which rolled around much to fast. My start was decent although one Semi-pro decided to blow the race apart from the start. In about two miles our fast starter was off the back, but the race had strung out early. We whittled our way through the single track and I felt good considering I had killed myself the day before. My goal for the race was to beat my two buddies times who had also done the road race the day before, since they laid the smack down on me then.
By the time I hit the fire road whoops on the back side of the course I knew the climb home would be a long one. My legs were flat and starting to cramp. The climb home at Napa is one of the steepest climbs of the year and doesn’t reward crampy legs. Sure enough the cramps came on hard and I was soon walking a bit. By this time some of the faster experts started to catch up to me. Guzzling some water, I managed to pull myself together and chase on to a couple of guys. By the top of the hill I dropped one of them and out sprinted the other. I was just so glad to be done at that point I didn’t care how I did. Turns out I still ended up 8th out of 10 semi-pros and I beat my buddies times who race the day before with me. All in all it was success on my part.
Emma had an awesome race as well and battled hard with a neo-pro friend of hers ultimately beating her out. Maureen was even more impressive logging the fastest expert female time of the day and the 3rd fastest woman’s time of the day. A good day of racing for Team Lost Coast Brewery!