Fontana was the first NMBS series race this year and it was the first big event for our team. We rolled out the new kits, bikes, helmets, and gear so we could show up looking the part. Thanks a whole lot to Mark at Marin for making a lot of that possible! The first race of the weekend was the Expert and Semi-pro XC 8am on saturday morning. Emma and I were not so stoaked on commuting 40 mins. from our planned host housing to an 8am start. Lucky for us Alex from Marin bikes let us crash the floor of his sweet hotel room. Apparently Ontario has the most awsome business suite hotel rooms. Bright and early the next morning the Semi-pro race started. The start was fast and furious, but I managed to get up the hill in the top 15. A few back and forths in the first lap had me still in the top 15 coming through the first lap. Fearing under-hydrating I drank way too much water on top of a late and unsettled breakfast which led to some major stomach pains in the second lap and I dropped off the pace. After slowing down the intake I was able to regain a few spots and finish a strong 23rd in the XC. In Emma’s XC she had a strong start following the first place girl up the hill. After an attack by the Polish wonder who shocked the whole field, it became a race for second between Emma, Corina, and Lisa. Corina surged on the singletrack climb and kept just enough time on Emma and Lisa to be just out of reach most of the race. Emma and Lisa battled back and forth for the 3rd spot until Emma attacked in the middle of the last lap solidly keeping Lisa off her wheel. Emma finished a great 3rd place finish only 16 seconds back of Corina in 2nd and with Lisa only 10 seconds behind her. It was a tight race with a good finish for Team LCB. Thanks to the awsome feeds provided by Maureen during the Semi-pro and expert races! Next up was Maureen for her first Pro NMBS XC race. She had little expectations for how she was going to perform and was almost convinced she would get pulled by the 80% rule. Coming through for the first lap little Pro-Mo was riding solid and well ahead of most of the other ne0-pro girls. She looked good and seemed to gain some confidence when she made it through lap 2 without Geogia Gould in sight. Having started at the very back of the 50-some rider field made every place hard to get and when Mo came accross the line in 33rd for her first pro start, she was stoaked to have had a solid race. She got the full pro treatment with a towel and a cold bottle awaiting her at the finish. She finished well ahead of her competition from previous years and even beat some experienced girls as well. Good Job Mo Mo!! The Men’s Pro XC was next with our two new boys lining up for an NMBS for the first time in a few years, which meant sitting behind 90-something of the nations fastest and counting to 10 before you could even make a pedal stroke after Geoff Kabush was already off the line. Both Amon and Brian looked good on the start and had made up considerable places from the first lap. Brain and Amon.. or Braimon as we like to call them both got good feeds and were sitting about mid-pack after lap one. Amon was clearly having way to much fun, smiling the entire time as he suffered through each lap. Brain seemed to have fire under his ass as he continued to plow through the field in the second lap moving up another few places. As the leaders steamed on, Amon was pulled before his last lap and placed a hard-earned 65th out of 90. Brain continued his hard charge toward the front of the race to finish 41st in his first NMBS of the year. A solid day of racing for our Pro boys out there and we were really proud of both of them. On Sunday Maureen and I raced short track and Emma and Momo raced Super D. I arrived late for my short track and hopped on the line with very brief warm up so my finish was a less then spectacular 21st. Momo had a solid first short track barley getting lapped by the leaders on their last lap for a 29th place finish. In the Super D Emma rocked her way down the hill for a second place finish behind Corina. Maureen then shocked the pro field with a solid 6th place in her first Pro Super D. Way to go Mo! One spot off the podium in Pro! Thanks to all our great sponsors for the help that got us to the first NMBS!.. Special thanks to Marin, Gu, Manitou/Hayes, Kinetic Koffee, ESI Grips, and WTB for having our bikes ready to race and our bodies amped to do it!
More pictures from the race can be found here: (don’t have to be a member to view).