Fontana City National

Another XCT close to our home in Silverado meant another chance to line up behind some freakin’ fast girls, and suffer through three grueling (well, super D is never more grueling than awesome!) races.
Cross country on Saturday was brutally fast on a much more technical course than Bonelli Park. Some elbows were thrown right off the start on the first lap, but by the end of the long climb everyone more or less settled into position. After lap 1 I was sitting in 7th, but started having horrible cramps in my calves and hands that plagued me throughout the rest of the race. The new ESI foam grips I had installed the day before made the situation a little more bearable, but all I could do was hang on until the end of lap 3. I finished in 8th place, but was a bit disappointed with the cramping situation. My left leg hurt so much at the end I almost crossed the finish line one legged!
Super D Saturday afternoon was incredible due to the fast, steep, technical course. I had a great time pinning the corners and flying through rock gardens, and finished 8th again (I am proud of that finish, descending isn’t my strong point).
The short track course was not nearly as exciting as the Super D or Cross Country courses, but after another rider faltered on the tiny climb about 5 minutes into the 15 minute race, I was able to drop the main field and made an attempt to bridge to the top 3 women. I had no idea how much time was left, and after burying myself in the wind for a few laps I started to fall apart. On the last lap the field caught me, and again I came in in 8th place! A disappointing finish considering how hard I worked, but I definitely learned something about short track strategy, and hopefully will race smarter next week because of it!