Februrary Rides/Races in Chico

This past weekend was full of awesome bike riding in Chico. We’ve been having an epically nice February- sunny, green, and warm the past couple of weeks. With the rain taking a vacation, Bidwell Park has been open and the trails are in great condition. The newly formed Chico Area Trail Advocates (CATS) has been holding trail work days and Guardian trail and B Trail have both been cleared of any fallen trees and hand-shoveled to help with drainage and increase flow. To celebrate, a few local riders organized a Super D event down B Trail and out Middle Trail to Bear Hole. The event was to be held on the same day as Paskenta, an annual century ride in Chico. I went back and forth on which one to do, but ultimately decided ripping down some sweet single-track sounded like a more fun way to spend my 24th birthday. So, I sent off Matt and his friend Austin to do the century early Sunday morning, them cruised over to lower park to meet up with the other mountain bikers for the SuperD. It was fun to cheer for people as they took off down the trail and I was impressed with how smooth it all went. As the timer I was the last rider down on my hardtail and it was super fun to test my speed down Btrail in it’s prime condition. I cleared a couple of sections I’d never ridden with the endorphins rushing and was stoked to find out I’d posted a pretty decent time, especially for being the only girl out there on a hardtail :). Afterwards, Corey, Ethan, and I continued on a ride up Greengate and down Guardian to round out an awesome birthday on the bike. When we rolled back into town, we met up with Matt and Austin who had both finished Paskenta with tired but happy smiles on their faces.

Super B Super D was ripper.
1: NOlsen 13:10
2: Lowell 13:39
3: K.Huge 14:03
4: C.Ward 14:06
…5: Kalbert 14:14 CRASH
6: Bissell 14:36 DRUNK?
7: B.J. 14:44
8: Hall 15:21
9: Crosley 15:43
10: Slattery 15:46
11: Reber 16:04
12: KevSev 16:12
13: Warner 16:54 FLAT
14: Dan 17:13
15: Emma 17:51 Hardtail B-Day crusher status!
16: Tim H 17:53
17: Black 21:31 FLAT