El Reto de los Volcanes

On April 1 Maureen traveled to Costa Rica with her racing companion Joy for a 3-day mountain bike stage race. Here is her story:
Several months ago Joy asked me if I wanted to race my bike in Costa Rica. Always keen for an adventure, I said YES! Now, having returned safely, I can say emphatically that an adventure was had! We rode our bikes up 3 volcanoes, covered nearly 100 miles, and climbed over 19,000 feet!! Each day we climbed some of the steepest terrain I’ve ever imagined. Joy, the amazing climber that she is, was in 7th heaven. Me? Not so much. But let me tell you I now know what it means to ride my bike uphill (and steep too!) for 2.5 hours straight. I am excited for Downieville so I can laugh at that ‘climb’ (a mere 4000′ feet of elevation gain in 8 miles). I have lots to say about the race, but I’ll have to add more later. I plan to post some elevation profiles so you can see why I could’ve chosen an easier introduction to stage racing!
For now, I have some photos that tell some of the story that you can see here.