Downieville Classic

Maureen, Brian and I (Amon) all made our way out to the tiny town that is Downieville for the 2008 Downieville Classic XC and Downhill races. Brian and I met up with the awesome guys from Marin Bikes who put up in some nice camping cabins on the river (Sadly Maureen did not grace us with her presence during the evenings as she stayed with her friends and traveling companions). The three of us were all signed up to duke it out in the Pro All Mountain category, which combines the times of the XC and Downhill races for the All Mountain title.

On Saturday was the XC race. This course starts out with a long fire road climb up to Packer Saddle then you get to descend on the Downhill course back down to Downieville. The weather was fair for the day, allowing the racers only minimal smoke inhalation and a comfortable temperature, considering how it could have been with all the wildfires burning in the area. I think that all three of us had good races all in all.

Saturday evening was the festival action with the expo being open and the river jump and pixie cross competitions all happening. Brian signed up for the river jump competition right off the bat, then I signed up after borrowing my friend Rex’s hiking boots to replace the sandals I was wearing. Neither of us made it to the finals but we sure did have fun hitting that big kicker into the river. Thanks to Marin bikes for donating two bikes to the contest for all jumpers to use!
A little while later the World Pixie Cross Championship race was held in the middle of the expo area in downtown Downieville. Again Brian was first at the line for the competition and was set on the gold. He quickly showed his pixie crossing prowess in the first round and moved on to he semi-finals. I jumped in for a heat, in my sandals this time (not a very good choice of footwear for pixie racing), after the announcer called out they needed more competitors. I had a rowdy race filled with slipping off the pedals, elbows out racing, and one instance of my butt hitting the ground, and although I qualified to move on, the winner of the heat and I did an extra lap so the counted us and being behind and we were out of the racing.

That’s the way pixie racing goes apparently. Brian then went on to school the rest of the competitors and was promptly crowned the WORLD PIXIE CROSS CHAMPION for 2008! Brian then went on to show off his crown at the robot dance off later that night.
Sunday came and that meant downhill racing! The Downieville Downhill is the crowning race of the weekend. This is a long descent from on high in the Sierra Nevada mountains back down to the old mining town of Downieville. Again we all had clean enjoyable races with no


Brian Astell – 15th 19th 11th PIXIE CROSS WORLD CHAMP!
Maureen Kunz – 5th 6th 5th
Amon Pease- 21st 20th 21st