Brian’s Sea Otter/ Lake Sonoma Report

Well sea otter has come and gone. It was the typical sea otter sufferfest. The start was a massive 120 person blast off the line, half track lap into a narrow 4 turn schikane and onto the single track. 2 crashes later while waiting to be shoe horned through the first turns with the other half of the field I watched the leaders take off onto the singe track and disapear out of sight. It’s a shame that they don’t use the start of the old course because the field was able to be wittled down a little more gradually and there is a little more of a chance to duke it out. Oh well that’s the way it goes. The Marin cxr 29er was definitely the right weapon for the job along with the super fast rolling WTB nano raptors. The two of them together totally smoothed out the choppy sections of the course. To my dismay it was another sea otter result that I’ll be hiding. What else can I say about sea otter. Huge venue and everyone I came in contact with was super helpful and even though super busy, made time if asked. It was also great to spend some time with all of the Team Lost Coast crew and to catch up with all of our awesome sponsors.

The next weekend was a bit smaller of a venue, it was lake sonoma #2. It is kind my back yard course, if my back yard was 40 windy miles long. It is a fun punchy course without too many sections to sit up and drink, which is why I rocked my camelback race-bak. This first lap was lead by Michael Hosey of the Marin factory team and it was fast and fun. Then into the second lap I was able to put in a good effort and make some time on Hosey and hold it. I had a great race with strong legs. I hope the rest of the season feels as good as a lake sonoma! Nicole Garcia also from team lost coast brewery/Marin raced lake sonoma and crushed 4 whole laps of that rough course. Lost coast brewery/ marin had a great day we both finished first in our categories and are ready for the next event! Grass hopper geysers (road) is the next mission sat april 30th, check it out!