Brian podiums at SoNoMas

This past¬†Saturday’s¬†race at SoNoMas was a good one. I am pleased to say I made it onto the podium! I got to the race about an hr before and got a 15 min warm up in after waiting forever at the porter potty line. That always seems to happen. No matter how ahead of schedule you think you are, you really aren’t if you haven’t factored in that bathroom line.
The race starts and we charge. The start was pretty quick and I was happy to say I was able to hang onto the lead group into the single track. It took quite a while to recover after that though. I’ve been working hard this season to slowly get faster every race and I’m really pleased to say it’s been working. There are a few things I need to do to get completely dialed and nutrition is one. I’m pretty close though. The sonomas course is all about staying smooth, and having a little bit of luck on your side. There were lots of flats, mechanicals and crashes out there and luckily I was able to stay away from all of that. I was holding on at the end, legs starting to get crampy. I had some strong riders coming up on me fast and I was determined not to loose any ground. I finished, taking a 5th place spot and just squeezing onto the last corner of the podium. I love SoNoMas, it’s such a good one, thanks to all the folks at Bike Monkey that put it on along with all my rad sponsors including Marin Bikes, Lost Coast Brewery, Smith Optics, Kali Helmets and Gu for getting me through the race with no mechanicals, with out running out of energy and in sexy fashion! See you out there.