Brian Astell beats Liam Killeen at Lake Sonoma Race!

On March 22nd, Team Lost Coast Brewery members Amon Pease and Brian Astell headed to Lake Sonoma to do a local warm up race in anticipation of the NMBS race to be held in Fontana the following weekend. Turns out a buch of other professionals had that idea because the pro men’s field was stacked! Brian and Amon battled it out on their Marin bikes and after a fast, hard race, Brian ended up in 4th place, beating Liam Killeen by 5 seconds! Yes, I mean the Liam Killeen, winner of the Sea Otter Classic and Commonwealth Games gold medalist! Amon also had a great race, coming in 9th in the packed field.
What a way to start out the season guys!

1.Max Plaxton- 1:33:21
2.Chris Sneddon- 1:35:15
3.Barry Wicks- 1:35:42
4.Brian Astell- 1:37:19
5.Liam Killeen- 1:37:24