Brian 1st place for Pro Men at the Xterra REAL in Folsom

Xterra Real in Folsom. It was a great start to the season. I had a swim that could have been better, if there is anyone out there who is a really proficient swimmer and a good teacher as well, get in touch with me I could really use the help. With that said it was a tough half mile swim for me I got out of the water about 5min back from the leader and out of my ridiculously tight wetsuit that felt like it was trying to suffocate me during the swim.I hit the bike feeling good, the course was fast and fun on my brand new Marin cxr 29er. This was my first race on it and it rocked! I had stopped by Marin Bikes the day before and they got me dialed. By the end of the ride and I had closed the gap to 40 seconds to 2nd and about two and half min to 1st. I felt pretty good and could see second in the distance. About half way though the run, 2nd place and I had past the race leader. Now there was only one person left to try and catch and with just over a mile to go I had worked my way up to him. Luckily I had just enough in the tank when I had reached him to put in a big effort and bring it in for a great first race victory. Thanks to the support of Marin Bikes, Lost Coast Brewery and all my other sponsors along with the race promoters at TBF Racing and all the volunteers out there it was a great race. Thanks everyone and see you out there at the next one.