Bonelli Park Pro XCT

Ok, so this race was almost 2 weeks ago, but my lack of punctuality in writing a post does not reflect what an awesome weekend Bonelli turned out to be.
Bonelli Park was my first Pro XCT, resulting in a lot of nerves at the starting line of the cross country race on Saturday. The call ups included such accomplishments as 2 time Olympian, multiple time national champion, and even an xterra world champion. My goal was to not finish last, and not get pulled during the 5 lap race that was composed of 3.8 mile laps full of steep punchy climbs and awesomely off camber transitions. The start was the fastest thing I have ever experienced, and after a short parade lap the field was already pretty shattered. I fell into about 9th position somewhere on the first full lap, after passing a few girls on the first climb. This was probably the hardest 3.8 miles I have ridden, which left me wondering how on earth I would finish 4 more laps. I worked as hard as possible for the next 3 laps, got passed by one woman, and tried my hardest to stay with her. On the fourth lap I realized my seat post was significantly lower than when I had started the race, which could account for not feeling stellar on the steep climbs. I got passed once more on lap 5 leaving me in 11th place for the day.
The Super D was a few hours after the cross country race. It was mellow, had quite a bit of pavement and grass, and a few significant climbs. I went into it with fairly low expectations, and looking to get some experience and finished 6th.
Sunday there was a short track race to round out the triple crown combo. I have only raced 2 short track races before, so I was the least nervous about this one because I was certain I would get pulled. Fortunately, I didn’t get pulled, but it was the hardest 15 minutes of my life. I finished 9th, after a pretty stupid crash 2 laps before the finish. It was super fun riding in the back of a group of such legit pro women!