Boggs Team 8hour Race

Over the weekend of June 18th I decided to do a team 8 hour mountain bike race up at Boggs Demonstration Forest outside of Cobb, CA. I’d been wanting to do an endurance event this summer and heard nothing but good things about the course, so I committed myself to do it and convinced my friend Jared Hall from Chico to do it with me. Jared is an awesome rider- strong and fit with mad skills. Jared has been out of the racing scene for the past few years, but has been riding really well this year and racing some XC and DH events. I was stoked to have a partner, but shocked when I found out my trusty hardtail bike had a crack on the frame earlier in the week. Mark at Marin Bikes rush shipped me a shiny new frame (Nail Trail Hydro) and I spent Thurs evening at Jared’s house pulling parts from the old frame to swap to the new one. Almost everything transferred over without any issues and I was ready to race!
Jared, Ethan and I headed to Boggs early Sat morning and arrived with plenty of time to register team “GetSome” for the co-ed 8hour race. Jared was feeling a little bit tired from a long week of work in Sacramento, so I volunteered to start the race and do the extra hot-lap for our team. I lined up with the big group of racers and whizzed up the first dirt road climb keeping a steady pace. The group then funneled onto a super fun and fast section of singletrack back toward the start/ finish area. I then set out for my first lap on the 9 mile course that meandered through pine and cedar forests. The course was a blast with relatively few climbs and almost all singletrack. My favorite part was the Jedi-like descent back to start finish where you could carry tons of speed! I finished my first lap and Jared hopped on course, looking fired up and ready to go! I had just enough time to sit in my camp chair, refill my bottle, and check in with Ethan before warming up to go out again for my second lap. I kept a fast pace on the second lap, catching and passing lots of riders. I was having some shifting issues with the bike (put a new chain on during the bike swap, not a new cassette too) so I found myself pushing a harder gear on the climbs than I normally would to avoid the skipping. I finished the second lap and Jared charged off for his 2nd with lots of cheering. During my break I peeked at the results and saw that we were racing against 3 other co-ed teams and doing pretty well. All the other teams had sent of their male rider for the first lap, so we were a little bit behind, but gaining time quickly with our faster laps. I ate a quick turkey sandwich and then headed out for lap 3. I was feeling good and pacing one of the pro women solo-riders when I launched off a root and pinch-flatted my rear tire, darn! I pulled my bike off the trail and got out my levers, a new tube, and CO2. I shot the CO2 in the tire and was devastated when my tire was instantly flat again. Figures my spare tube would have a hole in it :(. I then sat on the side of the trail calling to see if other riders had a tube of CO2 they’d spare me. A few minutes later a guy gave me a CO2, but didn’t have a tube. Another few riders passed before I finally got tossed a tube and finished the flat-change. I hopped back on the bike and did my best to ride strong, hoping to make up for the time lost. I got through the start/finish about 15 mins slower than my previous lap. I cheered for Jared to make up for it in his lap and got some rest before the final hurrah. I was feeling pretty spent after the flat tire and my butt was seriously sore! I wondered if I would be able to finish strong as I headed out for my 4th and final lap. Once I was on the trail I started feeling better and found myself passing riders and getting into the flow of the trails. I came through the start finish with a lap time of 55 mins, only 2mins off my fastest lap time, sweet! Jared tore off for his final lap looking strong and Ethan and I waited at the finish to see if he would time for one last lap. Jared pulled off a 46min lap, but we would still be short on time to do a 9th. We packed up the car and headed into Middleton for some much needed pizza and beer before the drive back to Chico. Later that week they posted the official results and we saw that team “GetSome” finished the race in 2nd place for the co-ed category, pretty good for doing it on a whim. Hopefully next year we will do the race again with a strategy in mind, and plenty of rest the night before. Cheers!