Bekah’s Downieville Experience

Downieville 2013 couldn’t really have gone much better for me. This was a big surprise considering a few weeks prior I had considered pulling out of the race due to the lack of riding I’d been able to get in after spending three weeks in Nicaragua and normal life stuff that always gets in the way.
The XC, which is normally a torture fest for me, turned out to be a truly enjoyable day of riding. The weather was much cooler than in previous years, and I never felt like I was suffering from heat stroke nor did I cramp-up at the top; both events that have plagued me in the past. I found myself mostly alone on the descent, which meant there wasn’t the usual haze of dust hovering over the trail and I didn’t get hung up trying to pass too many people. I wasn’t expecting to do too well in the XC, but somehow things came together for me and not only did I place third, but I PRed by 10 minutes!
Let’s be honest. I race Downieville for the downhill. Who doesn’t? It’s the legendary “Downieville Downhill” and I was stoked about the race on Sunday. I had flatted the previous year, so I went into the race wanting to have a smooth, clean run. Warming up, my legs felt pretty lethargic from the previous day of racing, but my mind felt clear and I was excited just to be given the opportunity to ride these trails again. The downhill proved to be smooth and fast. I passed four of the five riders who had started in front of me, securing the number one spot in the DH, and subsequently the All-Mountain!

Downieville is a fantastic race, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is made up of amazing people and I can’t thank them enough for hosting this tremendous event. I’d also like to give a huge shout-out to camelbak. I used their Octane LR and absolutely loved it! Also gu for their orange vanilla roctane and smith for their fabulous piv-locks. And last, but certainly not least, Marin for making kick-ass bikes like the mount vision!