Bay Area ‘Crossin!

On Sunday Oct 19, Brian and I (Maureen) raced in the 1st race of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series (an impressive title for sure!). It was a blustery day, but the course was extremely dry. I rocked my Marin IFT hardtail with 700cc wheels (not even I knew that was possible!). I had about 1 mm of clearance between the bottom bracket shell and my tread, but 1 mm was all I needed! I had some nice WTB cross tires on there, and this bike was awesome! The course had plenty of stutter bumps, so the bit of front suspension I had enabled me to fly past girls on the descents. I realized a cross race is pretty perfect: it’s short enough that you don’t need to train like crazy, but long enough that I can start slow like always and still pick people off. I had a blast and ended up 8th place out of ~20 women in the A’s field. Brian was rocking his race, riding in the top 5 of a very competitive A’s field on a sweet Marin cross bike. But he suffered from an untimely flat that put him out of contention 🙁
Mark V. from Marin also raced (the deal was he would only race if Brian and I did too). He was psyched to get out there, but got a flat on the first lap! Unlucky guys today!
Anyway, here are some action shots. It was a fun day!