Arizona Adventure Day5: Super (lame) D and STXC

None of us were really excited for the McDowell Mountain Super D as it was basically a 25 minute fire road descent out in the hot desert sun. Not exactly invigorating or challenging. If it wasn’t a stage race, I wouldn’t have done it. But it was, so we got up early, threw on some spandex and pre-rode the course. The trick to doing well in this Super D was to carry speed through the many loose gravel corners and to rally the short climbs. Running lower tire pressure really helps maintain traction in the looseness, but I don’t have tubeless (yet) so when I let out some air for our pre-ride I got a flat. Mo and I had to fix it in the baking sun which sucked, and intimidated me into running higher pressure.
Too high pressure might have had something to do with my disastrous race-run. I was nice and warmed up and psyched about getting to the bottom of the super lame fire road when I sprinted off the line. Apparently I was too excited because I wiped out in the very first sharp left-hand corner and tore the skin off my left knee and twisted my ankle. I felt like a real jackass and the course marshall at the turn was holding back laughter as he helped me up. Oh well! I jumped back on my bike and pedaled home. While it wasn’t a good race, I was happy that no one passed me who started behind me. I went back to the med tent (where I was becoming a familiar face)to get the wound cleaned out.

Maureen had a much better race, coming in 4th and stepping back onto the podium. She was in her rouge mu-mu dress, but it was clear that she would be a contender in the 07 season. I ended up 16 of 30 starters and Tsering tore it up for 22 of 48 starters in the open men 19-29 category.

The pro races were pretty frickin awesome. Our good buddy and ex-collegiate racer from Chico, Aren Timmel, came in 3rd in the Pro Men’s Super D!!! It was awesome to see him up on the podium and lookin fly! We gave him our props and I told him I love the light green Team Chico kits- hotness!

We ate a light dinner at the camp and headed over to downtown Fountain Hills where Tsering would be racing in the twilight downtown short track right next to the fountain. The short track was wild- about 1/2 road and the other 1/2 a rough, new trail that turned into just a dust bowl. Tsering didn’t really enjoy the short track dust suffer fest under the stars and seemed pretty spent. Watching the pros was pretty nuts! We were at the corner where the course hopped from pavement to dirt and the first lap, both the pro men and women slammed into the gates and annihilated the tape. We cheered for our friends and headed home to pass out.