Arizona Adventure Day 4: TITT!

So, the 4th day of our trip to Arizona was the Time Trial race which I renamed the TITT (Technical Individual Time Trial). The time trial was probably the hardest race all weekend becuause it had a rough, rocky descent and a technical climb, and the Leoge (or the drop). The drop really wasn’t that bad, but the first time I rolled up on it, I got freaked and wussied out. I could never build up the courage to just ride off it, even after watching a ton of ladies do it with ease. But Mo did it the first time and looked like a professional- such a gangsta!

It was a hot day in Arizona and they kept on pushing back the start of the race. I was feeling lethargic and thirsty, but finally at around 5pm, we all lined up and took off. My strategy was to work hard on the first half of the course, exerting myself on the easy rollers so I didn’t lost too much time on the technical descending sections. Then, I would give it my all on the singletrack climb and go steady to the finish line. My plan was working out pretty well, though the rollers were more taxing than I expected. I made great time on the climb and was feeling confident when I slid out in a turn, crashed, and tore the skin off my right knee. It was bleeding and it hurt, but I was angry at myself for crashing in such a stupid spot, so I threw my chain back on and raced home, figuring I’d just lost any chance of doing well.

I cruised over to the med tent and grimaced as the first aid lady cleaned out my wound with what seemed like pleasure in seeing my pain! I was shocked and pretty stoked when Mo told me soon after that, despite my crash, I got 5th place (of 9) in the race! We lined up for podium pictures and I was excited to get my first NMBS medal.

Tsering’s time trial race went pretty well. He felt strong, but not as strong as the rest of the semi pros must have been feeling. He ended up 30th in his first ever race with the big boys.