Boggs 8hr Enduro – by Bekah Rottenberg
The Boggs 8hr enduro held a lot of firsts for me: It was going to be the first time Bike Monkey was trying out an enduro race format, it was my first race with a hill climb, and my first 8hr event.  The hill climb was hot, hard, and dusty. There were only four pros and four experts and we all started together. I normally approach any type of climbing with trepidation and anticipate my legs seizing as I watch the competition slowly fade out of view. This climb proved to be different as I pushed myself to ignore my chalk dry mouth and burning lungs and climbed my way to second place overall for the hill climb, first in expert! 

The next day was Saturday and the start of the 8hr race. I felt pretty relaxed as I was going to treat my first lap as a warm-up, and shoot for my second lap to be my fastest. The format for the enduro was such that the winner would have the fastest combined times from all three events:  hill climb, fastest lap during the 8hr, and super D.  I had never participated in any type of 8 hr race before and I wasn’t sure what to expect; from both the race and my body. My goal was to get in one fast lap and complete at least 6 laps. Thanks to the phenomenal support from Marin bikes, encouragement from teammates, and a spectacular race course I completed 8 laps and I had the 2ndfastest lap time for the solo expert women!

Saturday night I was completely destroyed and it was all I could do to stuff my face with food and climb into my tent. Sunday morning was grey and chilly. I woke up early because I wanted to pre-ride the super D course. I put on all the clothing I had and pedaled up to the top. By the time the race was about to start I was feeling really nervous but also excited. Based on the hill climb and the 8hr lap time I was four minutes ahead of the second place woman, so I knew I just needed a clean run for the win. After all the pro men were sent off it was finally my turn. The descent was smooth and fast with a mid- run climb that left my lungs gasping for air and my legs burning with pain. But all the hard work paid off and I finished first for women’s expert in the first ever Boggs 8hr enduro!

 I want to send a huge shout out to Marin Bikes for their stellar support, Smith for their pivlock shades, and camelback for their clever bottle lids that don’t require you to pull the spout open – I’d never appreciated that feature so much as in this past race! Also Lost Coast Brewery – best carbo load beverage Blisworks Bikes for their support and GU for their constant supply of energy.