2013 Xterra Worlds in Maui

Day numero uno.

Nicole and I are tired and driving to the Oakland airport @ 3:30 in the morning. I drop her off drop and then the car off at my friends house and catch a cab back to the airport. The flight is surprisingly nice and uneventful. Once landed we get our bags and wait for our friends. I build up my bike and ride to get smoothies while waiting. We

are both so tired and look forward to getting to our rental to sleep. Our friends Vince and Sara arrive and we pile in the car and go shopping for groceries. Once loaded up after a few detours and looking for the best price for food we finally head to our rental. Oh yeah looking for the best price for food in Hawaii is a must! The first place we tried wanted to charge over 30 bucks for one of the small jars of almond butter, yeah the small jars. It might have made 4 1/2 sandwiches if I scraped the jar with my finger. Any ways, back to the condo. Arrived, unpacked a bit and grilled up some food and went to bed. Pretty uneventful but necessary.

Day 2
We wake up after a pretty good nights sleep. I noticed my front tire was low and I didn’t feel like wasting a co2 so we set out in search of a valve adapter and compressor. After no luck on foot we head back to the condo. Nicole and I make some breakfast and get our stuff packed up and loaded into the car and Vince, Sara, Nicole and I head up to where the race will be held. It’s friday and these guys are going to do the xterra 5 and 10k trail run on Saturday morn. We stop at bike shop for a valve adapter and eat a quick snack at the smoothie joint next to the bike shop. We head over to the race venue all get our race packets and we all go and check out the course. They check out the run course and I check out the new sections of the bike course. After words I do a super short swim and Vince and Sara drop us off at a hotel right next to the race where nicole and I will stay until monday morning. We are so tired we fall asleep right after having dinner.
Everyone except me goes over to the trail run. I am super tired and try to catch up on my sleep before sunday morning. Those guys raced and did amazing Vince placed second over all. Nicole placed 4th in her category and Sara had a great run as well. We all had breakfast and just relax. We find a nice shady spot on the beach next to the hotel and we just hang out until it’s time to eat again. At around 5:30 in the afternoon I jump into bed and that’s where I stay until it’s time to get up the next morning.
Day 4 race day.
I wake up around five thirty and eat some breakfast. Nothing to heavy just some almond butter toast. I head down to the garage area where we needed to keep the bikes and grab my bike. I ride over to the race for a warm up around 7:50am and get to the venue about 15 min later. I set up my transition area and mentally go through the race in my head. It is going to be a hot one. I have been drinking water and electrolytes like crazy but I’m already sweating bullets and its only 8:30am and I’m just standing here. Hawaii has this thing called vog it’s essentially volcano smoke or sulfur dioxide along with other gasses mixing with the humid air creating this volcanic smog/ air pollution. That is what was going on race day. I didn’t really know what it was at the time other than this word it was freakin hot. I am all ready and I head down to the beach to get a warm up in the water. The beach is packed with tons of racers super fit and ready to rock. All I’m thinking about is getting this swim over with! The gun goes off and it’s on. I swim or at least my version of it and get worked! The swim for me is the worst! I watch people pull away and then get passed by a new wave of people. I concentrate on technique, it’s no use I’m drowning. I wash up on shore and head to the transition zone to the bike. I hop on the bike and pace myself. There is no way I’m going to blow up right off the bat. I ride but every time I push I start to over heat, Damn this Vog! It is roasting. I finish up the bike having made up a little time but nothing like I was hoping. I transition off the bike with some leg cramps. I have been drinking tons of water and electrolytes, I can’t drink any more! I start the run and within the first half mile I feel my legs cramping up. My body is not cooperating! I am forced to stop several times with leg and back cramps. It is so hot out and all I want to do at this point is finish. I get to the top of the run course and start heading down. I loosen up slightly and concentrate on passing everyone who passed me while I was cramped up. I manage to close some gaps but finish way back from my anticipated first place. Ha ha ah just kidding don’t worry I went into this being somewhat realistic. Over all I’m a bit disappointed but not defeated. The season is over would have liked to have finished on a bit of a better note but I look forward to another great season of racing in 2014!Day 5
Had a great rest of the trip. Hung out with some good friends from both Flag Staff AZ and Reno NV. Got some relaxation along with some great adventures. If your ever out in Maui I highly recommend the commando hike. It has you hiking up a slippery stream climbing under through and around roots scaling rock faces swimming through dark lava tubes and trudging though unlit caves filled with water! It is challenging and if your afraid of heights or cave dwelling spiders at all this isn’t for you. Thanks for checking in, see you at the races.