Month: June 2012

Raid on sherwood peak.

I had a chance to ride with Murphy Mack this past Thursday to check out part of the course for his new race, raid on sherwood peak. We ended up getting in about 60 miles and a bit over 6,000 ft of climbing. We cut out 2 of the last climbs which shorted us around 1200 ft of climbing due to running out of water a ways in. I’m pretty stoked for this race it’ll be a good one. I will be tackling the 70 mile course. It’s a pretty cool mixture of dirt, pavement, and gravel road. There’s a good amount of climbing and some pretty sweet vistas. It’s not your typical mountain bike race, instead it’s a mixed terrain race that would be well suited for a mountain bike with some smooth rolling tires. There are a few really good high speed descents with decreasing radius turns that if you don’t watch out for you’ll stick it over the edge of the mountain. I would say this race is a must for anyone training for tahoe 100, downieville, or any other tough endurance race later on in the season. This course will whip you into shape. I’ll definitely be there. Note: this is not a course with much single track. It’s open enough even a roadie could handle it, and the high speed twisty descents will put a smile on any mountain bikers face.  Hopefully I’ll see you out there! – Brian

SONOMAS and moving