Month: February 2012

2012 Team Training Camp Day 1

Friday was our first full day in beautiful sunny Chico. After a late breakfast downtown and a few last minute bike tweaks, Ethan was off work and it was time to squeeze in an afternoon ride, the debut Chico ride for the out of towner’s Austin, Matt, and myself. Not really knowing what to expect our first day, we set out to lower Bidwell Park. The smooth fast trails leading through the park were very walker and family friendly and made for a great little warm up until we headed in to the rocky upper Bidwell park on a trail I later found out was called North Rim. The burl trailed reputation I had heard all week about Chico held up, the trails here really are rougher than most. Climbing up huge rock slabs and descending through fields of baby-head rocks woke me up immediately, and for the first time in what felt like months I broke a sweat and complained about being hot. Before I knew it we came out on an old roadbed and started climbing what seemed like an endless punishment. After chasing Wittler up the mountain, we all regrouped at the Guardian trailhead for a quick snack and a breather. Once everybody had recovered from our vertical miles we cruised down Guardian trail, weaving our way through the rock slabs and trying our best to stay on the uphill side of the trail. We eventually made it down the rock faces we had climbed hours before, and down to the familiar lower park trails that led us home. Ethan and Emma treated everybody that night to a delicious pasta and salad dinner, and Emma even made me a special bowl of vegetarian pasta. THANKS EMMA!- Trevor (TBone)

Training Camp Day 2

Saturday we fueled up with a hearty breakfast and waited for Sean (Dugan), Aren, Kevin, and Hyland to arrive to the house so we could head to Oroville. We met up with Bekah at the afterbay, who had just driven up from Davis, and then headed to the trailhead. We started with a mellow roll up the dirt road to the cow trails of Oroville Dam. These trails are super fun- twisty, rolling single-track that gradually meanders up towards the dam. The group was keeping a fast and steady pace with a few stops to re-group after creek crossings. It was super fun to be near the back of such a strong and fun group of riders. I was instantly impressed with Bekah’s steady cadence on her big travel bike and her technical skills. At the top of the cow trails, we crossed over top of the Oroville dam and stopped to fill waters and eat snacks. We then rolled out on the steady double-track trails towards Loafter Creek. The group was pushing hard with everyone in their big rings cruising along like a freight train. We stopped for a brief brake by the lake and Dugan couldn’t help but light a fire despite the fact that it was 70 degrees and sunny- who doesn’t like to play with fire? And Aren took a quick dip in the lake- brrr! We continued on the rest of the ride, keeping a steady pace with lots of banter and heckling. We crossed back over the dam and did a quick look on Potter’s Ravine trail including a fun descent down Dead Cow. We then rolled the rest of the way down the hill and back to the cars. In all, we were out riding for 4 hours and got in 32 miles of trail. After changing at the car, we went to La Esmeralda market in Oroville and had some delicious pastor tacos and other treats. We ended a great day with dinner at Burgers and Brews in downtown Chico and some team bonding at the house. I enjoyed hanging out in the living room and hearing Trevor’s hilarious stories and checking out Bekah’s high tech grading system for the high school she works at. Psyched on my new teammates!- Emma

Team Training Camp Day 3

I woke up nice and late Sunday morning after a punishing ride in Oroville on Saturday. After
a delicious home cooked breakfast, that came complete with Emma’s special tasty toast and
delicious Kinetic coffee, we rolled over to a local’s house where we met up with one of the more
intimidating “bike gangs” I have yet to encounter. It felt like if you didn’t have a tat, a beard, and
a single chain ring you might as well go home. But I didn’t especially want to go home, I wanted
to ride bikes. So we pedaled over to Bidwell Park, which was my first introduction to riding in
Chico proper. The initial easy rolling terrain provided a great warm-up for the tired legs, and the fun twisty trails made me feel like a kid and put a smile on my face. The upper trails at Bidwell were every bit rocky as they were rad. It was like pedaling up a constant rock garden, which made me grateful for the full suspension I had cushioning the blow. After climbing up to a high lookout, the descent began which was an amazing series of well burmed corners studded with constant rock madness and a few technical shoots, drops, and turns. All in all it was a fantastic day with virtually no mechanicals, great weather, and excellent company! I can’t wait to get back to Chico and get taken on another bumpy ride!