Monthly archives: May, 2011

Nevada City Epic 50-Miler

Last week I got a casual message on Facebook from a friend inviting me and several others to join him for a 50 mile mountain bike ride outside of Nevada City. I naively replied that sure, I’d love to join him for an epic, but didn’t know how truly epic the ride would actually be….

How about an Epic Ride to get back in shape!?

During a training ride in February I got in a nasty crash and ended up with a broken wrist on the right, a sprained wrist on the left, and a cracked rib. The crash was sudden and unexpected and the aftermath was pretty miserable. Having both of my hands damaged left me unable to do…

Brian’s Sea Otter/ Lake Sonoma Report

Well sea otter has come and gone. It was the typical sea otter sufferfest. The start was a massive 120 person blast off the line, half track lap into a narrow 4 turn schikane and onto the single track. 2 crashes later while waiting to be shoe horned through the first turns with the other…