My first taste of Boggs was a 5 or so mile loop of fire road and after 20 laps 7hrs and 7 minutes of being on that hamster wheel I was definitely in a bit of a fog. I had never been to boggs and it wasn’t quite the promised land I had been expecting due to the last min. change of course. Everyone seemed to be a bit bummed out but no on let it ruin their day. I was stoked because I was 100% ready. There was nothing that could have gone better that day. Nicole and I showed up for the race the evening before after getting some last minute grocery shopping done in santa rosa. I knew that I would be to the race on time for once. It was cold first thing in the morning when nic and I woke up. Nicole got right to work making up sandwiches and filling my camelbak and water bottles while I got my number plate and had a little breakfast. We went over the feed zone strategy and I then got to the start line. It was extremely hard to tell who was racing what category so you didn’t really know who to keep your eye on but after a few hrs it didn’t seem to matter as much and I just had my eye on the trail. Lap after lap I came around to the feed zone where nicole was ready with food, water, gu, gu electolyte mix , a fresh pair of smith sunglasses a new full camelbak anything I needed it was amazing! I’ve heard that a pit crew can make or break a race and I found out just how true that was. I never would have been able to have such a great race if it weren’t for my pit crew. Nicole killed it every lap. This was my first endurace solo event and it couldn’t have gone any better. Nicole and I took the win. It was no easy win, the field was strong and the course was a muddy mess but thanks to my perfectly working bike (MARIN 5.9) my pit crew and some rested legs, the day couldn’t have gone any better! I already have my trip back up to boggs planned out to find this so called “amazing single track” everyone keeps telling me about 🙂