Training camp day numero uno! Well day uno was cut short real quick due to a little crash at the beginning of the ride. Emma and Nicole locked bars on a short section of pavement and crashed hard and fast. Sorry emma we wish you a speedy recovery. You know those moments in time you wish you could take a do- over; that was one of them. Poor emma had to spend the next few hrs after the crash icing, hanging out in the doctors getting x rays and basically learning how to do everyday normal activities with no hands. End result was a broken wrist on the right, bad sprain on the left and a bruised rib. The rest of the day was hanging and waiting for the rest of the team to arrive. On the up side Matt made it safe and sound from his 7 hr drive from Oregon fri night and Mo made it first thing sat morning (an awesome surprise!). After a good pancake breakfast we decided to split up into two groups for Saturday’s ride. One group included Nicole Garcia and Maureen Kunz and the other group include Matt Wittler, Ethan Black (which still sounds like a secret agent or a spy’s name to me) and me- Brian Astell. Matt, Ethan and I decided to test our climbing legs out and climbed catapillar hill a 50 min 16-23% grade grind. At the top we grabbed some gu water and hit the decent we like to call time trial. At the bottom we made a right and tried to catch up with Nic and Mo. Little did we know we were too late. These ladies had only one thing on their mind… D- day! They were headed up the climb and there was no way we’d be able to make up the time. By the time we climbed up to the bottom of fish rock ( the start of our actual climb) Nic and Mo were just getting to the top of the hill. We climbed for about a half hour and got a small break before we had to start climbing again. Nic and Mo were for sure finished with one of the best descents around with smiles from ear to ear. We made it to the top, took in the beautiful ocean view and headed down D-day. Its always a blast giving people a taste of the local trails and you can always count on this one to seal the deal. By this time Nic and Mo had shot gunned it back to the casa to meet up with Emma to take a stroll on the beach. Matt, Ethan and I rode to the bottom of one more climb for one more good decent and headed back to the house. It ended up being a great ride on a beautiful sunny day. We finished the day off with some delicious homemade pizza, lost coast beer, some of nor cals finest and some good laughs. Amon even stopped over after work. It was a celebration, the team was all finally together for the first time in a while. What a way to kick off the weekend!
The following day, Ethan and Emma took off after breakfast to drive back to Chico and take Emma to the orthopedic specialist to get her wrists checked out. The rest of the team- Mo, Amon, Nic, Brian, and Matt headed out for an awesome ride in the Gualala woods, exploring the network of singletrack and fireroads that expands out from Brian’s house. It was another beautiful, surprisingly sunny and warm February day and everyone had a great time riding together, catching up, and getting amped for the coming season. Stay tuned for more blog posts and and race reports as we kick off another awesome year of racing, riding, and adventures with Team LCB!